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Quality is the life of our company, having a reliable team with strong sense of responsiblity drive us developing with our clients .

The quality of the delivered profiles shall meet the quality standards of buyer and  shall be in full conformity to the agreement which is mutually confirmed by AlutechWork and buyers.

According to quality and inspection standards made by AlutechWork, the profiles and fittings we sold under shall be considered by the Buyer to be defective if:

1. Colours of profiles are defective:

a) the colors of anodizing coating do not correspond to those of the confirmed samples;

b) the colours of profiles are with different anodizing or painting on the exposed surface, which is confirmed in drawings; the colour is darker or lighter or with an uneven tone;

2. Surface of profile is defective:

a) there are visible scratches and marks of mechanical origin on the profile’s surface;

b) there are clearly visible dash type surface or coating damage/scratches in excess of 5mm in length or clearly visible point coloration over 0.5mm in diameter allowing a change in color or surface coating;

c) there are dents or any deepening in profile plane, or any bend, which changes the original form of profile;

d) The protective film can be taken off with difficulties and stays glue signs on profiles. If the film is glued very tightly, much glue stays on profiles, when protective film is taken off. Or the opposite problem, if the protective film comes off too easily and profiles get scratched.

3. Sizes of profiles are defective:

a) the sizes do not conform to the mutually agreed drawings; the allowed tolerance is written in the drawings mutually agreed by the AlutechWork and Clients.

Above quality standard can be writen in quality agreement with our clients, and all details should be emphasized in following processing:  


AlutechWork purchases high purity aluminum ingot directly from its affiliate company. Through our technical adjustment, it can be made to 6063, 6061, 6043,6005 ect. alloy nameplate aluminum bar.

In order to ensure the proportion of each alloy within the range of process parameters, we adopt sampling analysis by Computer spectrum analyzer in casting process. For quality assurance, we perform high precision homogeneous assess to aluminum bar.


Extrusion and Aging

Extrusion is an important process for Aluminum profile. To ensure aluminum molding stable prior to the bar, we need to heat the aluminum bar and the mould before extrusion and start production after they achieve the established process temperature. Trough extrusion, the aluminum bar can be made into aluminum profile. 
We also need to take notice of uncooled aluminum profile’s placement to avoid deformation. After QC’s preliminary inspection, the machine employees will do alignment, scale sawing and sampling inspection for outside dimensions. When all the process is OK, it can then moves to the aging process.

Ageing is to increase the hardness of aluminum profile; the hardness is according to customer requirement. After ageing, we do sampling inspection on its hardness and tensile strength through advanced Electronic Universal Tensile Stretm Tester to ensure the products reach national standard or customer requirement.


Anodizing and spraying are two main ways for aluminum profile’s surface treatment. These two surface treatment ways can be refined to various film thickness and color according to customer requirement. Surface oxidation process has degreasing, acid (alkaline) etching, hole sealing, coloring steps, to ensure quality, this process has been upgraded from manual  operation to program management. Surface spraying process has chromating and spraying two steps. In order to further improve the yield and quality, we have updated the paint spraying equipment and added vertical powder coatingproducte line and vertical fluorine carbon spraying production line besides the original horizontal spray line. 

No matter what finish , our advanced facility and skilled workers follow the strict operation standards to make sure the surface treatment on good properties and looking.


Before production,test the chemical composition of aluminum ingot,after sample qualifying physical properties testing is necessary. During production, each processing is under overseeing by professional inspectors, mainly checking sizes and surface.  Before packing,  second checking of the surface is neccessary to make sure the surface is on good condition, unqualified profiles won't be passed. 


Packing is the last process of a finished product,  we do quality inspection mainly on product appearance before packing. For high requirement products, we need to double confirm if the film thickness meets the standards. Consider to transportation ways and transportation time, we determine the packing ways to aviod defect during transportation.

sticky PE film on decorative surface of each profile + EPE film interleaved each profile + shrink bag / kraft paper / carton / wood case / steel skid.