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​ Aluminum  and  Technology 

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AlutechWork manfactory is located in Guangxi Province, covers 100000 square meters , with 1000 employees. the modern factory and people-oriented management provides comfortable working environment for our workers, the unity is always given to our company culture therefore a strong team can be definitely built.

The extrusion factory is equiped by 30 advanced extruding machines, from 800 tons to  10,000 tons, maximum extruding diameter of profile is 800mm. The surface treatment factory includes two anodizing workshops(vertical type),two powder painting workshops,one wood grain processing workshop,one polishing workshop. 

The machining factory is equiped by 20 advanced CNC machines and other auxiliary equipment,plus one assembly workshop, total covers 5000 square meters, with 150 staff and operators. Capabilities include CNC turning,threading,3D milling, drilling,punching,bending,welding . With the support of our machining factory, we are able to provide contract manufacturing service & solution for OEM products for industries of furniture ,electrical appliance ,automotive,solar energy ,medical and healthcare equipment,sports and fitness equipment etc.
The warehouse is equiped by automatic rack, this modern management warehouse make a high efficiency of delivery, and minimize the damages of profiles.
AlutechWork cherish every employee, do utmost to provide comfortable working and living environment .  The promotion and pay increasing opportunity is always opened to all employees.