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Automotive and Vehicle Components
Luggage Rack, Bumper, Charging Pile, Battery encloser, motor enclosure

As auto makers maintain their push for improved fuel economy and reduced emissionsaluminum - and aluminum extrusion - continues to make an important contribution. Whether by helping car builders reduce vehicle weight to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicles, or to improve the range of electric vehicles extrusions are an increasing part of the answer.

Interactive Guide to Automotive Applications

The unique capabilities of aluminum extrusions have been proven extensively for many decades in applications necessitating cost-effective solutions while requiring excellent strength-to-weight ratios, inherent resistance to corrosion and other critical capabilities. Aluminum’s proven performance in transportation, building and construction, and thousands of other applications have made extrusions an obvious choice for automotive structure and components, such as luggage rack, bumper, motor encloser, heat sink (for new energy auto) etc.

The most successful designs utilizing extrusions do not simply replace steel with aluminum to take advantage of the material’s corrosion resistance, low maintenance costs or light weight, they also incorporate the ability of the extrusion process to place metal where functionally required for strength, fastening and other purposes. There are an infinite number of extruded profiles available, dependent only on the creativity of the designer to best match the needs of the product to the capabilities of the extrusion process and material.