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​ Aluminum  and  Technology 

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Furniture and Fittings
wardrobe sliding door, cabinet fronts, table base
       Material Grade: aluminum alloy 6063-T5/T6 
       Surface Treatment: Anodizing , Powder Coating, Electrophoresis, Wood Grain,Polishing.
       Color: silver,bronze,champage,gold,black.white,etc.
       Cut to length: 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.7, 2.9m,5.8m, 6.4m  or as per your requirement.

Lifespan:anodized for 15 -20 years indoor,powder coated for 18 - 23 years indoor.

Aluminum profile is widely used in the field of furniture due to it’s excellent visible looking and mechanical property. Our aluminum profiles are produced with precise and strict quality standard,protected by the perfect packing type to avoid any damage happen during ocean transportation,meanwhile our strong sense of QC ensure unqualified profiles won’t be sent to our customers.


The trend of “aluminum taking the place of wood” is getting more and more popular in the field of furniture.

aluminum furniture also has various structural forms, which mainly include fixed type, folding type, and dismantled type. 


Fixed-type Aluminum Furniture: 

Fixed type aluminium furniture is done by welding the various parts of the furniture together. Advantages for fixed-type aluminum furniture are evenly stressed, steadily placed, and less installation procedures. While disadvantages for fixed-type aluminium furniture are big occupied space, bad storage, hard packing and transportation. 


Folding-type Aluminum Furniture: 

Folding-type aluminium furniture is divided into fold-moving type and fold-layer type. They are often used for aluminum furniture such as tables, chairs, etc. Folding-type aluminium furniture uses the theory of planar linkage mechanisms with connecting as the main forms. Rivet and folding is used to change the aluminium furniture format. So folding-type aluminium furniture has the features of small occupied space, good storage, and easy transportation.  


Dismantled-type Aluminum Furniture: 

Dismantled-type aluminum furniture is made up of metal components, auxiliary parts and connecting parts. All parts of the aluminium furniture are connected with bolts, screws and nuts. Dismantled-type aluminum furniture is the most common structural forms in the aluminum furniture industry nowadays. Because dismantle structure applies industrial theory to their designs, making the furniture parts standardized, generalized and serialized. Dismantled-type aluminum furniture simplifies the specifications of the spare parts, prolong the equipment’s service life, and lower the production cost. Dismantled-type aluminum furniture adapts to the modernized large-scale industrial production. So they are trend of the future aluminum furniture design and production.